Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Richard Giberti publishes "Night Songs"

Released posthumously, Connie Sabo-Walker's novel about a man,a dog and an unpopular war is destined to live on in the heart's and mind's of her readers.

Connie Sabo-Walker, best known for her early musical career, has done a fantastic job with this, her first novel. Her characters become real, as the reader quickly turns page after page to discover what comes next in her tightly written story.

Though describing a war fought fifty years ago, the same feelings of fear, loss, and uncertainty are easily recognizable with today's Iraqi Freedom soldiers. The elements in a Band of Brothers is there, as well as the ever present search for meaning, love and hope, amidst the hurt and loss.

An exceptional work, by an exceptonal artist. I rate it 5 Stars.

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