Tuesday, April 1, 2008

RICH GIBERTI authors King James Bible Thesaurus

Unlocking the King James Bible’s Common Words and Phrases – A Dictionary For Today’s Reader - Amazon.com Description"For many, the King James (KJV) translation of the Bible is full of hard to understand, archaic words & phrases.

Do you know the meaning of "draught house" (public restroom), "sackbut" (musical instrument), or “he slept with his fathers” (was buried)?Authorized in 1611 by James I of England, beloved by many for its beautiful style, the KJV can be extremely difficult to understand.

Using Unlocking the King James Bible’s Common Words and Phrases dictionary, you can now learn the meaning of those tough Bible words, like "concupiscence", "beeves" and "wist"... This dictionary is a required reference book for any good study library.

Unlocking the King James dictionary is unique because its words and phrases were NOT chosen by theologians or experienced Christians, they were chosen by young Christians and nonbelievers who read through each word of every page of the Bible and recorded what they did not know or were confused with.

This is a dictionary by the people, for the people!"

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